Keaton Row Wants You to Become a Stylist


Keaton Row Wants You to Become a Stylist


Recently, Kai Fulkenberg of Forbes waxed poetry about Keaton Row, a start-up for corporate girls to shop online. By pairing personal stylists with their clients – primarily professional women, the site has been progressively changing the online shopping industry.

First off, anyone can become a stylist.  The position is certainly appealing, particularly to college students. The specifics are outlined in the graphic below, but once stylists join the team, they are tasked with reaching out to their own clients – be it colleagues, family, or friends. They then create lookbooks (similar to Polyvore) and use social media to share and sell these outfits. For every sale, you’ll make a cut.


For anyone who finds themselves spending hours organizing boards on Pinterest, this position is for you. It’s a virtual job, meaning you can do it all from your desk. While some stylists are familiar with the retail industry, the beauty of Keaton Row’s business model and what won me over is that stylists can be anyone. Let me clarify: passion and communication are the two essential skills to excel at this position, it seems. The more technical skills will come down to compiling lookbooks, which is like putting together an online moodboard.

Keaton Row has helped us out by listing out the perks for stylists below. If this position appeals to you, be sure to apply to be a stylist.Capture


-Alicia Chon