Best Locations for Fashion Photography


Best Locations for Fashion Photography

Drop Cap Finding the optimal location for your photos can be hard work, especially if you are in search for variety. However, if you look for the right background, you are far more likely to find places to snap an excellent outfit shot you will be satisfied with. Try looking for these backgrounds around your home to take your fashion photography to a whole new level.

1. Textured Walls


Textured walls can be found almost anywhere, so you can probably spot one with an interesting feel and an eye-catching color no matter where you live around the world. These textured walls are great for emphasizing the subject and bringing out the color in your outfits.

2. Garage doors 


To focus on a more modern, industrial, city look, finding a garage door can help with providing a subtle, yet chic atmosphere to a photo.

3. Gardens/forests


Even if you are a city dweller, small gardens can usually be found in hotels, tourist attractions, city parks, or in the homes of friends and family. Being surrounded by lush vegetation can be the perfect complement to your outfit, but you should be wary of having too many subjects in one photo, as it can be distracting from the intended focal point: your fashion pieces.

4. On the street


Street style is definitely a trend at the moment. By making sure the asphalt is not above your hip line, you can prevent the street from being the focal point of the photo, minimize the presence of the background and obtain a great depth of field. By shooting from an upward angle, you can achieve depth and also make your legs look longer.

5. Graffiti


Especially if your outfit is minimalist and simple, street art can help to add color and visual stimulation to a photo. A mural can be a sufficient substitute, but ensure that the art is generic enough to not pull the eye away from the outfit you’re trying to display.

Now get ready to go out and explore the hidden treasures located within your own city!

Images courtesy of Pinterest