Color Crush: Glaucous

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Color Crush: Glaucous

The first recorded use of the word glaucous as a color name was in 1671, but it can be used to describe far more than a shade of blue. It is also used for scientific purposes to describe the blue-green or pale grey powdery coating on the surfaces of some plants such as grapes and plums.  The harmless powder is also found on some birds like the glaucous gull or glaucous macaw. Even cacti can have the glaucous coating on their stems, which provides camouflage with the surrounding environment for many plants and animals.

But now back to fashion.

Glaucous especially completes a look when paired with other cool colors such as grey, purple, or even black.

Here are some looks to help you incorporate this stylish color into your wardrobe:

Zara Dress With Metal Buttons, Light Blue, $45.90
Photo courtesy of Zara
Zara Asymmetric Ribbed Skirt, $25.26
Photo courtesy of Zara
Michael Kors, Women's Dorothy Flex Suede Pointed Toe High Heel Pumps, $99.00
Photo courtesy of Bloomingdale's
Saint Laurent Light Blue Sac de Jour Small Bag, $2450.00
Photo courtesy of Saint Laurent