Denim, Deconstructed: A Photo Series

March 26th, 20179:04 pm @


D Drop Capenim: a fabric, and fashion staple, with which everyone seems to be familiar. However, through the manipulation of the denim in the camera, it may be hard to recognize the item. The beauty of this is that the observer can now view the photos from the eye of the photographer, and interpret the meaning of each photo based on their own opinions.

Notice the detail in, and uncover the beauty of, this everyday item.

Stacked at the Seams


Fabric Softener

The Blur


Some Focus

Horizontal Stripes

Layers of Denim

Blue Streak(s)

Shades of Blue

Under (De)Construction

    Zooming In

Just as we see blue jeans as the canvas upon which to create an outfit, we should see denim as the potential basis for art, rather than a simple material. The significance of everyday objects can be strengthened by sharing different perspectives on the them, and viewing them through different lenses.

Images courtesy of Jessica Saad. 

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