Launched in 2006, The WALK is the University of Pennsylvania’s premier and completely student-run fashion publication and community. In 2010, TheWALKMagazine.com was launched as a sister to the print edition, providing Penn with its widely-demanded fashion fix year around.

As an organization, The WALK strives to explore the interdisciplinary field of fashion through its diverse and talented staff members. We at The WALK hope to not only cultivate a passionate community of creative thinkers, but to universalize the powerful force of fashion–within and outside of Penn. We hope that, through our commitment to innovative thinking, we can inspire you to discover the wonderful world that is fashion.

Executive Board

Editor-in-Chief: Isabella Cuan


Year: 2018, Sophomore
Hometown: Sparta, NJ
School/Major: College – BBB/Art History (pre-med)

On The WALK…
As Editor-in-Chief, Isabella oversees the performance of all departments of the magazine, from creative to editorial to online. She is responsible for developing and managing the overarching vision of The WALK—a vision that would not be complete without her talented and passionate executive board and staff. During her time as EIC, Isabella hopes to expand and diversify this vision through constant exploration of the artistry and innovative thinking that comprises Penn and the fashion world itself. Before becoming EIC, Isabella served as the magazine’s Director of Photography.

Want to know more?
Outside of The WALK, Isabella is a peer tutor at the Writing Center and is a member of MedX, the Penn Bioethics Journal, and United Community Clinic. Her love of fashion and art is rivaled by her unequivocal love for her two dogs, Ollie and Jack. As both a pre-med student and freelance photographer, Isabella is an aspiring “physician-photographer” and hopes to explore the intersection between the arts and sciences as a future health care professional.

Marketing Director: Zoe Shan


Year: 2018, Sophomore
Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
School/Major: College – PPE/Consumer Psych

On The WALK…
As Marketing Director, Zoe oversees external and internal marketing, advertising, and events. She makes sure that The WALK members’ hard work is distributed and read!

Want to know more?
At Penn, Zoe is involved with Smart Women Securities, One for the World, and the Penn Benjamins. She also maintains her love for ballet (from when she was five!), baking, and katonah yoga.

Operations Coordinator: Sabrina Aberman

Sabrina Aberman Bio Photo

Year: 2018, Junior
Hometown: Montreal, QC
School/Major: SEAS – Systems Science & Engineering [Minors: Engineering Entrepreneurship, Mathematics]

On The WALK…

As Operations Coordinator, Sabrina works with the Executive Board to handle operational and management issues for The WALK. She oversees all communication and logistics involved with the creation of both the print magazine and web.

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In addition to The WALK, Sabrina runs the Food Recovery Network at Penn. She’s obsessed with Zara, WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie, and neutral colors. Sabrina also loves watching YouTube style vloggers and looking at vegan food blogs. 

Web Editor-in-Chief: Danie Moore

Danie Moore Bio Photo

Year: 2018, Junior
Hometown: Reading, PA
School/Major: Annenberg/Communication

On The WALK …

As Web Editorial Director, Danie is responsible for the overall strategy and oversight of The WALK Magazine Online, and manages all aspects of the site: creative, editorial, operations and technical. She works closely with an incredibly talented editorial and technical team of writers, editors, photographers/videographers, and web managers, to provide high quality content daily.

Want to know more?
Formerly a Culture Editor for the site, Danie loves debating the merits of movies, TV, and musical theater. When she’s not busy with The WALK, she serves as the President of the Wharton Undergraduate Media & Entertainment Club and performs with Penn Singers Light Opera Company.

Art Director: Stella Ge

Stella Ge Bio Photo

Year: 2019, Sophomore
Hometown: Mountain View, CA
School/Major: SEAS, majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Fine Arts

On The WALK…
As one of the Art Directors, Stella oversees the layout design process of the print magazine, leading the efforts of the layout team. She makes sure that the magazine’s editorial and visual content come to life on the page in fresh, engaging, and aesthetically pleasing ways.

Want to know more?
When Stella’s not coding (or complaining about having to code), you’ll either find her in the dance studio rehearsing with Hype, working on a design assignment, or further fueling her caffeine addiction at a ~hip~ local coffee shop.


Editorial Director: Stephanie Fagbemi


Year: 2017, Junior
Hometown: West Suffield, CT
School/Major: College – Biology, pre-med

On The WALK…
As Editorial Director, Stephanie works with the editing and writing staff to compose the most interesting, relevant, and thoughtful list of articles possible. It is important to her that The WALK is more than the average fashion magazine, but presents a level of multifaceted intelligence reflective of our readers.

Want to know more?
Outside of The WALK, Stephanie does genetic research at the Tishkoff Lab at Penn to analyze genotype-phenotype variations as adaptations to diet in ethnically and societally diverse African populations. Many of the populations sampled come from Nigeria, the country of which Stephanie has dual citizenship along with the US and the Philippines. Stephanie is also a mentor in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program to the most bright and beautiful Little Sister in Philly!

Director of Photography: Nadia Kim


Year: 2019, Freshman
Hometown: Singapore
School/Major: College – PPE/Fine Arts

On The WALK…
As Director of Photography, Nadia conceptualizes and directs the editorial photo shoots for The WALK Magazine. She works alongside Isabella (Editor-in-Chief) and Grace (Creative Director) to oversee the creative direction of the magazine, and leads a team of full-time and part-time photographers to produce photos for print.

Want to know more?
Outside of the The WALK, Nadia is a design editor for 34th Street Magazine and a reporter for The Daily Pennsylvanian. Her biggest role model is Marnie the Dog (@marniethedog) for her tenacious spirit and zest for life. Her other great loves include cheese, honey, and her own dog, Truffle.

Creative Director: Grace Xu


Year: 2019, Freshman
Hometown: Irvine, CA
School/Major: Wharton – Undecided

On The WALK…
As Creative Director, Grace works with the Editor-in-Chief and Director of Photography to conceptualize the theme and photo shoots for The WALK. As head of the Styling & Beauty Department, she oversees the entire process leading up to shoots, from booking models to pulling clothes to styling hair and makeup. She would be nothing without the incredibly talented and hardworking people on her staff.

Want to know more?
Outside of The WALK, Grace is involved with Wharton Retail Club and the Wharton China Business Society. She loves hip hop and Chinese traditional dance, and as an avid DIYer and designer, considers her sewing machine her best friend. She hopes to gain the skills at Wharton to become an entrepreneur in the fashion industry, but as of now, can most often be found crocheting in lecture or eating Takis in a dance studio at 4 AM.


2014 “What Should You Read This Week” by The Daily Pennsylvanian

2013 Named One of the Best College Fashion Magazines Across the Country by Teen Vogue

2013 “The WALK Hosts Winter Issue Launch Party” by The Daily Pennsylvanian

2012 “Walk This Way” by the The Pennsylvania Gazette


2014 Columbia Scholastic Press Association Annual Critique – Crown Award Finalist, to be named Gold or Silver in March

2013 Columbia Scholastic Press Association Annual Critique – Silver Crown Award for Hybrid Publication (Top 3% of publications submitted)

2013 Columbia Scholastic Press Association Annual Critique – Gold Medalist

2013 Columbia Scholastic Press Association Annual Critique – All-Columbian Honors for Essentials, Verbal and Visual

2012 Columbia Scholastic Press Association Annual Critique – Gold Medalist

2012 Columbia Scholastic Press Association Annual Critique – All-Columbian Honors for Essentials, Verbal and Visual

2011 Penn Publications Cooperative Awards – Magazine of the Year

2011 Penn Publications Cooperative Awards – Best Cover

2011 Penn Publications Cooperative Awards – Best Overall Design


The WALK fashion magazine, in both its print and digital editions, is trendsetting plus raises the bar for every other publication. It’s innovative with every aspect from the topics covered to the professional level photography to the page designs which are at the same level as the top fashion magazines in the industry today.” -Columbia Scholastic Press Association

“To an outside reader, seeing this magazine for the first time, he would never guess that it was a student-generated, college publication; the level of professionalism is that high.” -Columbia Scholastic Press Association

“Look no further than its richly layered graphic design and the edgy—and often funny—photo spreads that suck you in.” -Penn Gazette

“One thing that impressed the PubCo judges (two of whom spend their days at the Gazette) was the way The WALK struts its intellectual style.” -Penn Gazette 

“There aren’t enough superlatives to adequately acknowledge what the staff has accomplished. The WALK was a visual feast for the eyes and a verbal storytelling of fashion and style.” -Columbia Scholastic Press Association

“For any college group contemplating publishing a specialty magazine, all they need to do is study The WALK, print and digital; that would be like taking a master class in magazine production.” -Columbia Scholastic Press Association

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