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Thank you for your interest in joining The WALK Staff! Applications are now open for the Fall 2017 Semester! Applications are due before midnight on Thursday September 14th, 2017WALK members can apply for up to two positions in any department, and in general they can hold up to two positions on The WALK. Position preference can be indicated on the applications. Please note that some positions have prerequisites, which are indicated on the application forms.

Contact emails are listed on each application form, so you should direct any position-specific questions to those individuals. You may also contact Editor-in-Chief Nadia Kim at with general inquiries. We look forward to reading your applications!


Applications are due Thursday 9/14 at 11:59PM.

View detailed position descriptions in the GBM Slides



Staff Writer

Copy Editor



Layout Team Member



Styling & Beauty

Pro Apparel Coordinator

Women’s Stylist

Men’s Stylist

Beauty Stylist


Photography & Videography

Full-time Photographer

Part-time Photographer




Website Manager/Designer

Junior Features Editor

Junior Fashion Editor

Junior Men’s Style Editor

Junior Culture Editor

Junior Health & Beauty Editor

Beauty Stylist

Web Photographer/Videographer


Events Coordinator, Internal Outreach Coordinator, Social Media Representatives, OR Social Chair

Street Style Photographer



Corporate Sponsorship Chair


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