Bastille Rocks the Liacouras Center →  October 20, 2014

On October 7, 2014, Brit award winners Bastille took Temple University’s Liacouras Center by storm. The stadium buzzed in anticipation for the popular indie rock band, whose show was sponsored by 104.5. The night kicked off with a slightly-too-long 11-song set from the opener, Grizfolk – a band that, to its credit, sounds like Coldplay […]

Grace Jung C’16 on Cheerleading and Chai →  October 17, 2014

Name: Grace Jung Hometown: Centreville, Virginia Major: Nursing Year: 2016 What drew you to nursing? Health is the most important thing in a person’s life. I really wanted to pursue a medical occupation and I think that nursing gives me the patient interaction that I wanted. I definitely underestimated the amount of work that goes […]

Cooking with Care: Apple Cinnamon Scones →  October 16, 2014

One of the reasons I love scones is because they can be used for many different occasions. Whether you want a sweet breakfast, a quick snack, or an easy dessert they can be eaten a pretty much any time throughout the day. Many scone recipes ask for added sugar, white flour, and sugary sweet glazes. […]

Cooking with Care: No Bake Granola Bars →  October 15, 2014

Between lectures, studying, and trying to find time for the gym, it can be really hard to try to fit breakfast into the mix. That’s why I love this recipe; its so quick and easy to make and is an awesome breakfast on the go or snack. Even better, you can make these granola bars […]

Just Jules: Yvel Jewelry →  October 14, 2014

Founded in 1986 by husband and wife Isaac and Orna Levy, Yvel Jewelry (Levy spelled backwards) is a high-end pearl and diamond line with an admirable social impact initiative at the backbone of the business.   Orna’s family has been in the pearl industry for over 100 years, so it was natural for her to follow […]

3 Men’s Skincare Ingredients to Avoid →  October 13, 2014

Just as menswear has developed in the past few years, so, too, has men’s skincare. Walk into a local Sephora or Ulta, and you’re bound to find an entire wall dedicated to a variety of products marketed towards men. This gendering of skincare is a weird phenomenon, because it’s not just about the labels or […]

Health, New York, and Instagram with Melissa Vela Nicolini, C’15 →  October 9, 2014

Name: Melissa Vela Nicolini Hometown: Boca Raton, FL Major: Economics, minor in Consumer Psychology Year: 2015 Hi Melissa, let’s start by talking about health. What are some healthy habits that you try to practice daily? I drink a ton of water because I find myself very dehydrated throughout the day. I also keep a positive […]

Start the Day Right: The Morning Routine →  October 6, 2014

How you start your day has a huge impact on how you feel the rest of the day. There is nothing more powerful than starting the day on the right note. You feel happier, more productive, and more balanced as the day progresses. Any bumps in the road are more manageable, and everything seems a […]

Coffee and Blogs with Emily Ulrich, W’17 →  October 6, 2014

Name: Emily Ulrich Hometown: The Cape, Massachusetts School: Wharton Major: Economics, concentrating in Marketing/OPIM Since I know you love coffee, I want to start with this question: where is the best place to find coffee in Philly? On campus, Williams Café for sure. Off campus, I would say that Capogiro has the best espresso. The […]

A Chat with Elizabeth Oppong, C’16 →  October 2, 2014

Name: Elizabeth Oppong Major: Economics and Chinese Year: 2016 Hometown: Athens, Georgia Hi Elizabeth! I know you’re a busy person, so let’s start by talking about what you’re involved in on campus. I’m the Vice Chair of Education for the Nominations Elections Committee (NEC). I’m the Chair of Penn’s Executive Council of the American Enterprise Institute, which is like […]