Two decades later, Princess Diana leads fashion →  August 31, 2017

Photo courtesy of webneel or those of us born in the late 1990s, it seems we entered the world just as many cultural phenomena were leaving it. Kurt Cobain committed suicide in 1994. Nineties fashion was taking its victory lap before we could appreciate it. And the world nearly stopped when news broke that Princess […]

Five Lessons From LA’s Fashion PR Scene →  August 15, 2017

he closest I have ever gotten to a celebrity was steaming their clothes. On my first day interning at a fashion PR showroom in Los Angeles, I steamed a pantsuit Julia Roberts wore. The star of Pretty Woman could not have been more fitting for the occasion, as if it were to foreshadow my own […]

Italy: The Land of the Fierce and Fashionable →  August 14, 2017

t’s no secret that Italians dominate the fashion world. Gucci, Pucci, Giorgio Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Dolce and Gabbana, Salvatore Ferragamo, Fendi … the list goes on. An Italian woman won’t walk to the grocery store without getting properly dressed. You will not find a single person wearing sweatpants, or even leggings for the matter. Here’s […]

Love in the Time of the Auteur Rom-Com →  July 23, 2017

As The Big Sick, Kumail Nanjiani’s autobiographical rom-com, satisfies summer moviegoers like Trainwreck did several summers before it, are we entering the age of a new kind of romantic comedy, or hearkening back to an older one? n the eve of the release of his highly anticipated Twin Peaks reboot on Showtime, Academy Award-winning director […]

A Philadelphian’s Guide to Summertime in the City →  June 19, 2017

hether you’ve landed the internship of your dreams, you’re trying to catch up on your sector requirements, or you’re simply avoiding spending another long summer with your folks, making the decision to stay in Philly for those gorgeous warm months presents you with a myriad of opportunities. However, you may be wondering, “What ever will […]

Designers on the Rise: Mira Mikati →  June 15, 2017

eet the designer bringing fun back into fashion. Known for her cartoons, vibrant graphics and oversized emojis, London-based Lebanese designer Mira Mikati is adored for her colorful ready-to-wear pieces. Ever since she was six years old, she was intrigued by clothes and how they were made. As she learned more about being a designer, she knew […]

From Hermione Granger to Princess Belle: Growing Up With Emma Watson →  June 14, 2017

he recent release of a reimagined, live-action version of the classic 1991 animated film, Beauty and the Beast, has generations of Disney die-hards giggling with excitement. As often happens with princess films, all eyes are on the lucky lady who gets to portray the envied role of the beautiful Belle. Thankfully for her, the generally […]

Feminism in Fashion →  June 13, 2017

n honor of International Women’s Day, I want to profile powerful and influential women of the world who also have a great sense of style. Michelle Obama: Michelle is not just the wife of former president Barack Obama, she is also a lawyer, writer, and social activist. As her time as the first lady, she […]

Tips on Creating the Perfect Wardrobe →  June 12, 2017

ot to worry, this is not going to be another post about items your wardrobe must have. No wardrobe essentials here. Just a couple of tips you may want to keep in mind when building your wardrobe so that it truly feels like your safe space. Because, let’s face it, for anybody who loves fashion, […]

The Definitive Dry Shampoo Review →  June 9, 2017

t any given point, my hair is about 90% dry shampoo. Avoiding looking like an 18th century powdered wig, Karl Lagerfeld syndrome as I call it, is not always easy. I have tried just about every offering of dry shampoo, and even one dry conditioner (nope). There are sprays, powders, pastes, and even a mousse. […]