You Deserve A Break! →  October 18, 2016

hen is the last time you allowed yourself to take a break? When is the last time you gave yourself any credit? If you’re a Penn student, you’ve been admitted into one of the nation’s top universities, and competed with the best of the best ever since. You have made it through double-scheduled midterms, presentations […]

Polished @ Penn: Lucia Huo (C’20) →  October 17, 2016

College freshman Lucia Huo is your typical girl next door, the kind of girl who wears a dress in the same unassuming manner as she does a pair of sweatpants. When asked to define her style, she states that she simply seeks to combine comfort with classic silhouettes. For Huo, it is important that her […]

If I Could, I Would Wear: Velvet →  October 14, 2016

 ow many times have you passed by a cute accessory or outfit and thought: “I would definitely wear that,” but never end up buying it because you weren’t sure how to incorporate it into your wardrobe? I’ve had this exact train of thought way too many times. To tackle this problem, we’re going to go look […]

Get Your Shine On →  October 13, 2016

Whether you’re contouring, strobing, nontouring (yep), or just doing you, highlighters have become an invaluable part of many makeup routines. For any readers who don’t yet know, highlighters are pale, shimmery products applied to the high points of a face – think cheekbones, tip of the nose, bow of the mouth. Highlighters help illuminate these […]

Around the World in Healthy Ways →  October 12, 2016

When I lived with a host family in France this summer, I gained some interesting insight into French eating habits. According to my host mother, the key ingredient to remaining fit and healthy is to eat three block meals a day and avoid snacking in between. This theory stood in complete contrast to the eating […]

Box Braids: The (College) Black Hair Revolution →  October 11, 2016

ou’ve seen them on your favorite celebrities; from Keri Hilson to Tia Mowry.  Even Beyoncé rocked box braids in her iconic “Formation” video.  So you know now it’s officially time for you to try them — it’s time for your hair to get in formation. To be clear, boxed braids aren’t new.  But, they are […]

Tech Takeover at Fashion Week →  October 10, 2016

  s a millennial, and even more so as an engineer, I have a passion for technology. Some people are quite perplexed when I explain to them that I study engineering, but ultimately want to end up in fashion. Traditionally, this might seem a bit absurd. However, with the evolution of wearables over the recent […]

TREND WATCH: Top 10 Trends from September’s Fashion Weeks →  October 9, 2016

September is one of the busiest months for the fashion industry, with fashion weeks taking place in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. Sound overwhelming? No worries, The WALK is here to break it down for you with a list of our top ten runway-inspired trends you can incorporate into your every-day style. 1. SILK […]

KonMari With Me: The Journey Begins →  October 7, 2016

There are countless things that can get overwhelming in college – regardless of whether you’re adjusting to the transition from high school as a freshman or thinking about your future career as a senior. What’s in your closet should definitely not be one of them. The concept of mindfulness is having a serious moment, and […]

Inside the Blog: Man Repeller →  October 6, 2016

  ashion bloggers have become their own pocket of the fashion industry. Blogging operates as a career in and of itself. This is similar to how modeling has become a full-time job — Instagram has allowed models to extend their face time beyond the runway. They market their looks, their style and their lifestyle. Just […]