Nighttime Skin Care Routine For This Winter →  December 5, 2017

ith winter rapidly approaching, you may start to notice that your skin has more of a tendency to dry out quickly.  That being said, it’s essential to create a nighttime routine that will leave your skin feeling moisturized, smooth and well-nourished. So if you want to learn how to create a quick and easy nighttime […]

Banjanan’s Dresses Made-in-India: Cultural Appropriation or Not? →  December 4, 2017

all and winter wardrobes sometimes do need some bright colors to complement the dull weather. Designers, editors, and fashionistas love to wear vibrant, multicolored printed dresses, as we can notice from several of the past fashion weeks. Not many brands can rival the color and pattern used in Banjanan’s dresses. Founded in 2013 by Caroline […]

A Skincare Survival Guide for Finals →  December 3, 2017

t seems like once December begins to approach, a lot of my responsibilities and self-care get put on the back burner. Laundry slowly starts to pile up, at-home mani-pedis become a foreign concept, and my eyebrows start begging me to get threaded. As final exams transform from distant dates to quickly approaching realities I know […]

Best Locations for Fashion Photography →  December 2, 2017

inding the optimal location for your photos can be hard work, especially if you are in search for variety. However, if you look for the right background, you are far more likely to find places to snap an excellent outfit shot you will be satisfied with. Try looking for these backgrounds around your home to […]

Why You Should Think Twice Before Going Gluten Free →  December 1, 2017

luten free pastas and cookies line the shelves of many popular grocery stores, but this has not always been the case. Those with the most unfortunate reality of having Celiac disease or a gluten intolerance were not always so lucky when it came to finding their favorite gluten free snacks. The gluten free diet has […]

Even When Strictly Women are Consumers, Men Run the Show–and Not Just the Fashion Show →  November 29, 2017

oday you have decided to do some shopping, because why not #treatyourself? Whether it is by stepping into your favorite women’s store in a nearby mall, outlet, or boutique, or deciding to stay in your pajamas and shop online, you get excited to add some new items to your closet. When you see these clothes […]

Holiday Homecoming: DIY Tips To Make This Season The Cheeriest! →  November 28, 2017

is’ the season… to be hitting those books just in time for exams! The idea that finals eat into time that should be designated for winter break is an unassailable concept to most Penn students. However, the claim that being stranded at school gives us ample opportunity to get into the holiday spirit is a […]

A College Student’s Guide to Balancing a Healthy Lifestyle →  November 27, 2017

ften times, eating healthy and working out routinely can seem difficult and daunting.  However, this does not have to be the case! It is important to remember that although the college lifestyle can be extremely hectic and overwhelming, taking care of yourself should always remain at the top of your to do list.  So, in […]

Colors, Numbers, Tastes, and Smells Can Bring Music to Life, too →  November 25, 2017

magine you just opened Spotify and you’re trying to decide what to listen to. Maybe you’re craving Lorde and her intriguing and dark songs, or maybe you want to rock out to some old school Billy Joel. Or maybe, you are just feeling happy and want to clap along with Pharrell Williams. What do these […]

Should We Be Taking Pictures of Art? →  November 23, 2017

t is no secret that the way we interact with and experience art has changed drastically since the rise of modern consumerist and digital culture. Some would argue that the intrinsic value of a piece of artwork diminishes with every attempted reproduction. Walter Benjamin first popularized this theory of artistic devaluation during the 1930s, arguing […]