Style Crush: Dua Lipa →  November 13, 2017

n 2017, Dua Lipa’s sultry and powerful voice has captured the attention of the worldwide pop industry and her striking sense of style has caused major style envy from fans all over the world. With a huge social media presence and a steady line of pop hits to her name, Lipa has quickly become the […]

Trend Time Machine: ’90s Small Frame Sunglasses →  November 10, 2017

f you haven’t noticed, the nineties are making a comeback, and in a major way. With the return of Will and Grace, chokers, and mom jeans, it’s no wonder that fashion insiders are embracing all things ’90s. This fashion time machine includes one of our favorite trends for fall: small frame sunglasses. This sunglass trend […]

Product Review: ABH Subculture Eyeshadow Palette →  November 9, 2017

  nastasia Beverly Hills is not a brand that generally disappoints, so when many makeup-lovers, like myself, saw that they were releasing another eyeshadow palette for the fall season, we could not wait for it to hit the shelves. After falling in love with the formula, the pigmentation, and the quality of Modern Renaissance, I […]

Gucci Pledges to Go Fur-Free by 2018 →  November 8, 2017

ast week on October 11, Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri dropped a bomb in the fashion industry with his statement that the brand will go fur-free starting with their Spring 2018 collection. This announcement represents Gucci’s pledge not to “use, promote, or [publicize] animal fur” in its collections. After the news was publicized, it received support […]

Three Concealers to Hide College Student Sleep Deprivation →  November 7, 2017

enn is a place for many things: rigorous academics, bustling social life, and an array of life-changing opportunities. Unfortunately one of those things is not sleep. Whether it is midterm season that is stealing those extra z’s, or you just really neeeeed to make an appearance at that downtown—regardless of your beauty rest needs. Penn […]

Unpacking the High-Low Fashion Collaboration →  November 6, 2017

ith every new season comes a new limited-edition, capsule collaboration between fast fashion giant H&M and a select luxury label. Last year’s immensely successful joint venture with the Parisian fashion house Kenzo gave buyers a chance to get their hands on exclusive, ambitious, boldly-patterned pieces at a lower price. This year’s pick: Erdem. The eponymous […]

TOP GIRLS: A Photo Series →  November 5, 2017

elcome to the 21st century—a time when American women earn on average 81% of their male counterparts; are underrepresented in certain sectors; and continue work at a disadvantage based on their gender. Consider fashion: one of the most female-dominated businesses—think Devil Wears Prada—the fashion industry empowers women in that women are encouraged and almost expected […]

How to Increase Volume for All Hair Types →  November 5, 2017

o you ever wake up in the morning feeling like your hair is lifeless and lacking volume? After countless efforts to spruce up your hair, are your attempts falling flat? While your first instinct might be to hide your hair under a low brim baseball hat, there’s another fix. I’ve got the perfect solutions to […]

Art in Fashion: Jeff Koons x Louis Vuitton →  November 4, 2017

t the end of October, notable artist Jeff Koons released his second installment of high-end Louvre souvenirs. The collaboration with Louis Vuitton, marketed as Louis Vuitton – A Masters Collaboration with Jeff Koons, resounded with much success, featuring history’s most iconic artists: Peter Paul Rubens, Titian, Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, and Jean-Honoré Fragonard. The second […]

What We Can All Learn from Scandinavian Style →  November 3, 2017

This article is part of  The Volume Issue, The WALK’s Fall 2017 theme, which seeks to explore every aspect of the concept of “volume,” one of which is the return of ~voluminous~ silhouettes like Scandinavia’s oversized style.    f you’ve ever heard of or watched the viral Norwegian TV series called Skam, you may have noticed that […]