City of Neighborhoods: Touring Philly through Fashion →  April 29, 2017

hiladelphia is a city of many distinct and contradicting neighborhoods. From Fishtown to Society Hill to West Philly, this city contains multitudes. Each trend covered below represents the vibe of a unique Philly neighborhood: athleisure with an edge for South Philly’s Broad Street, polished and trendy for upscale Rittenhouse Square, and boho chic for rustic […]

American Classic: Four Fashion Trends from The Wizard of Oz →  April 24, 2017

More than 70 years have passed since The Wizard of Oz first graced the silver screen, yet the name remains a classic both in the story and style. Dorothy’s gingham, the Scarecrow’s boho, the Tinman’s metallics, the Lion’s neutrals…these are some of the largest trends of the year. As the weather turns warm and you feel […]

Video: La La Land’s Many Musical Antecedents →  April 24, 2017

he undisputed critical darling of the 2016 Awards season, Damien Chazelle’s La La Land is the first original movie musical that Hollywood has seen in years. The film wowed audiences worldwide with its spectacular choreography and eye-popping color palette, but it was the jazz-infused musical numbers that constituted the film’s beating heart. While some critics […]

Hot And Trending Workout: Bikram Yoga →  April 22, 2017

eveloped by the Yogi, Bikram Choudhury, Bikram Yoga is the practice a sequence of 26 postures derived from Hatha Yoga. What makes this form of yoga stand out is the conditions under which it is carried out. A Bikram Yoga class normally takes in temperatures close to 105 degrees F with 40% humidity. Each class […]

Festival Fashion →  April 19, 2017

t’s officially spring, and you know what that means… music festivals are on the horizon!  Behold the cutest crop tops, denim, rompers, and most importantly, accessories for 2017′s festival season.   Tops: Spell and the Gypsy Collective Folklore Blouse in Ivory Brandy Melville Rose Bodysuit in White Free People Family Heirloom Tank in Antique   Rompers: […]

Part-Time Athletes, Full-Time Students →  April 19, 2017

s Anastasiya Chevtechenko (Soccer, C’17), Lauren O’Mara (Lacrosse, C’19) and Jess Davis (Squash, C’20) take us behind the scenes of their winning attitudes, fitness regime and fashion choices, The WALK uncovers the fast-paced, thrilling and bittersweet life of an average Penn collegiate athlete. You have 5 am getups, 4 hours of training 3-4 times a […]

Has Luxury Fashion Gone Too Far? →  April 17, 2017

hen I saw this image of Beyoncé at the NBA All-Star Game a few weeks ago, I was both enamored and slightly irritated. While in awe of her extra-ness, and in complete support of it, there were two of things that bothered me: the Gucci fan and kimono. My issue has nothing to do with […]

Coming Home →  April 16, 2017

I’m a nostalgic person. So, when my parents decided to move from my hometown of Birmingham, Alabama to Atlanta, Georgia during my freshman year at Penn, I was disappointed I would lose the feeling of “coming home” on breaks. While only a 2-hour drive away, Atlanta might as well have been halfway across the world […]

Unconventional Fashion →  April 15, 2017

 know I’ve done it before: looked into the closet and almost cried over the bland pieces that seem to consume my wardrobe. It’s so easy to just follow the trends that keep you in style, while never stepping out, taking risks, or making a statement. A few artists and designers have recently been making true statements […]

Lessons from the Queen of Coachella →  April 14, 2017

ith Coachella upon us, we wonder if we should’ve taken that weekend trip to California to hang out with our fellow festivalgoers and forget about school. But alas–we cannot, so I will bring Coachella fashion to you! Here are the many ways people at Coachella dress and style themselves for this iconic festival. When mentioning Coachella […]