Feminism in Fashion →  June 13, 2017

n honor of International Women’s Day, I want to profile powerful and influential women of the world who also have a great sense of style. Michelle Obama: Michelle is not just the wife of former president Barack Obama, she is also a lawyer, writer, and social activist. As her time as the first lady, she […]

Tips on Creating the Perfect Wardrobe →  June 12, 2017

ot to worry, this is not going to be another post about items your wardrobe must have. No wardrobe essentials here. Just a couple of tips you may want to keep in mind when building your wardrobe so that it truly feels like your safe space. Because, let’s face it, for anybody who loves fashion, […]

The Definitive Dry Shampoo Review →  June 9, 2017

t any given point, my hair is about 90% dry shampoo. Avoiding looking like an 18th century powdered wig, Karl Lagerfeld syndrome as I call it, is not always easy. I have tried just about every offering of dry shampoo, and even one dry conditioner (nope). There are sprays, powders, pastes, and even a mousse. […]

The Big Question: Can Fashion be Sustainable? →  June 8, 2017

et’s face it: the fashion industry is super powerful. It affects every single one of us. As long as you wear clothes you are involved in the industry. I always feel like Meryl Streep and her infamous speech in The Devil Wears Prada when I make this argument — “Okay, I see. You think this […]

Designers on the Rise: Max Gengos →  June 7, 2017

orn into a family that worked in the fine jewelry industry, Max Gengos is no stranger to the concept of luxury. From flying to shows with his parents to viewing diamonds on display, Gengos developed an eye for quality, craftsmanship, and elegant design. With a strong Greek heritage, this designer constantly references Greek influences on […]

Not Branded by Labels: How to Find Your Own Personal Style →  June 5, 2017

eing an FGLI student (First Generation/Low Income) can be difficult when finding your own style.Having a college budget on top of not having a lot starting off with can be difficult when coming to a college campus. When people think about their own personal style, the first thing that comes to mind is what brands […]

Connor Wright (C’20) Designs Maybelline’s NYFW Mural Using Lipstick Labels →  June 3, 2017

onnor Wright has definitely done something wright. Penn freshman, Connor Wright, has been talked about on campus since he stepped on campus, and highlighted in the DP for his exquisite, meticulous, and revolutionary artwork. What started as a budding passion for drawing quickly turned into a mural-making magic show; one that has gotten attention from prominent figures […]

The Vintage Guide to Beachwear →  June 2, 2017

here’s nothing better than going to the beach and feeling confident – though it’s much easier said than done. For a lesson in body confidence, look no further than the 1950′s beach babes. Continue reading for four ways to channel your inner vintage vixen. High-Waisted For those of us with less than six-pack abs, meet your […]

Dream Dorms →  May 31, 2017

oving into a dorm or the high rises for the summer, or next semester?  A Twin XL bed doesn’t have to spell death for originality and design.  No matter your style–bohemian, geometric, or classic–there’s bedroom decor for you. Clockwise from left: macrame garland, tie-dye bedding, throw blanket, mandala tapestry, twinkle lights, dreamcatcher Left to right: […]

5 Cute Makeup Organizers and DIY Ideas for Your Vanity →  May 30, 2017

on’t you hate when you’re in a rush in the morning and are trying to find your mascara but can’t in all the clutter on your vanity? Here are some cute DIY ideas and products you can use to help organize your makeup and maybe save yourself a couple extra minutes of beauty sleep in […]