Has Luxury Fashion Gone Too Far? →  April 17, 2017

hen I saw this image of Beyoncé at the NBA All-Star Game a few weeks ago, I was both enamored and slightly irritated. While in awe of her extra-ness, and in complete support of it, there were two of things that bothered me: the Gucci fan and kimono. My issue has nothing to do with […]

Coming Home →  April 16, 2017

I’m a nostalgic person. So, when my parents decided to move from my hometown of Birmingham, Alabama to Atlanta, Georgia during my freshman year at Penn, I was disappointed I would lose the feeling of “coming home” on breaks. While only a 2-hour drive away, Atlanta might as well have been halfway across the world […]

Unconventional Fashion →  April 15, 2017

 know I’ve done it before: looked into the closet and almost cried over the bland pieces that seem to consume my wardrobe. It’s so easy to just follow the trends that keep you in style, while never stepping out, taking risks, or making a statement. A few artists and designers have recently been making true statements […]

Lessons from the Queen of Coachella →  April 14, 2017

ith Coachella upon us, we wonder if we should’ve taken that weekend trip to California to hang out with our fellow festivalgoers and forget about school. But alas–we cannot, so I will bring Coachella fashion to you! Here are the many ways people at Coachella dress and style themselves for this iconic festival. When mentioning Coachella […]

BTS: Thierry Mugler →  April 14, 2017

s another installment of Behind the Show, I’d like to explore Thierry Mugler’s Autumn 2017 collection. As this semester’s theme of The WALK is The Blue Issue, it’s a fitting choice, since Mugler’s collection is dripping with blue. Thierry Mugler is actually not currently the head designer of the brand. David Koma was appointed creative […]

The WALK’s definitive guide to yoga →  April 13, 2017

idterms are quickly approaching but when the going gets tough, the tough go to…yoga? Many Quakers lock themselves in the library come midterms season, but it’s important to take time for yourself to de–stress. Practicing yoga boosts your immune system, improves flexibility, balance, focus and strength, helps you sleep better, helps you breathe better and […]

Proof That Rihanna’s Style is Everything →  April 12, 2017

ver the past few years, Rihanna has emerged as a fashion icon. Not only is her style enviable, but her career is an inspiration to girls everywhere. She has won eight Grammy awards, donated millions of dollars to impoverished communities through The Clara Lionel Foundation, and collaborated with everyone from Puma to Manolo Blahnik. Continue reading for four style rules […]

Let’s Get Real About Penn’s Hookup Culture →  April 11, 2017

  et’s get real. This school has many types of cultures, all carrying their own sets of problems. There is the pre-professional culture, the Greek culture, the party culture and so on. One culture less analyzed may be the hookup culture: the culture in which just about all Penn kids partake in at least once […]

Polished @ Penn: Alice Shen (W’17) →  April 5, 2017

harton senior Alice Shen is no stranger to the world of fashion and modeling. In high school, she lived the America’s Next Top Model dream, and was asked to model for a self-started designer. The opportunity was an entirely random encounter, as the designer happened to attend the same yoga studio as the North Caroline […]

Fire and Feathers Unite: Year of the Rooster →  April 4, 2017

 third of 2017 is gone; a little more than half remains to do it right. According to Chinese astrology, 2017, the Year of the Rooster, is meant to be lived with confidence, diligence and intensity. Roosters, both the animals and those born under the horoscope, are flamboyant with feathers in the shades of fire. Never […]