Eat Yourself Healthy: Guide to Super Food Seeds →  April 27, 2015

While “super foods” like kale and blueberries have been making headlines for their nutrient dense qualities, the richest super foods may be the smallest. Many types of seeds (some familiar and some not) are packed with vitamins, healthy fats, protein and fiber. These properties make them easy and rich sources of energy. The following are […]

The Joys of Thrifting: A Mother-Daughter Experience →  April 24, 2015

The transition from the fresh outside air to the musty, old atmosphere was a hard one to handle, but I knew that the rewards would outweigh the unpleasant scent. Beside me my mother beamed; her smile made the transition easier. After a few visits, I didn’t even notice the unfriendly fragrance. In the car on […]

Giving Good: Mother’s Day Gift Guide →  April 23, 2015

Mother’s Day is upon us! Unsure how to thank the woman who has given you the most? Check out these cool gift ideas that will warm your mom’s heart this May. FEED Heritage Nairobi Bag ($480) FEED, started by Lauren Bush Lauren (daughter-in-law to Ralph!), is dedicated to ending world hunger. You provide 200 school […]

Faster Fashion: The Media’s Influence →  April 22, 2015

Throughout middle school and high school, I took my fashion inspiration from the red carpets at awards shows, the OMG! tab of Yahoo’s website (now Yahoo Celebrity), and my subscriptions to Seventeen and Teen Vogue. Thirty years ago, when my mom was in high school, she read Seventeen and Glamour weekly, but obviously could not […]

Best Beauty Looks of the Week →  April 21, 2015

The first great look of the week comes from Khloe Kardashian. Seen her during her recent trip to Armenia, Khloe styles her newly blonde hair into a sleek ponytail. Her smokey eye add maturity to the look, and her pink lip balances her eye with simplicity. The next stylish look is Chanel Iman. She wears […]

Style Crush: Chrissy Teigen →  April 20, 2015

Besides being wife to last year’s awesome Commencement speaker, Chrissy Teigen is a successful model, style icon, and chef. She rocked the cover of the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated in 2014, gaining all of America, and the fashion industry’s attention. She has thus become a style crush for girls around the country with her unique looks. […]

Dirty Dancing Musical is a Sizzling Stage Adaptation →  April 16, 2015

  Several cult classic movies of the late ’80s and early ’90s have seen a reincarnation through musical theater adaptations in recent years, some meeting better critical reception than others. While the musical adaptation of  Ghost (1990) starring the late Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore received a critical head-scratching due in part to the fact […]

I Got It From My Grandma →  April 15, 2015

I’m drawn to them—the floral-print, flouncy dresses that lend themselves perfectly to the bubbly spring season. Perhaps now that the weather is changing from a miserably bleak atmosphere to a shade of something more uplifting, so too is my wardrobe outlook. I want to wear the feeling of spring; I want it to cover me […]

‘Life Itself’ Deserves Two Thumbs Up →  April 14, 2015

Penn’s 2nd Annual Film Festival brought several films, as well as some delicious caramel-corn, to the Platt Performing Arts House for an evening of cinematic viewing pleasure. Sponsored in part by the Penn Undergraduate Media and Entertainment Club, the event boasted upcoming and prestigious films, including student shorts alongside 2014 Cannes contenders. One such contender, Life […]

Trends to Try: Light Up Sneakers →  April 13, 2015

This year’s Penn Fashion Week theme centered on tech wearables, so it seems only fitting to talk about the trend that started it all: light up sneakers. We all loved them in the 90s, and it seems they’re ready for a comeback – albeit in more fashionable form. Now, that may strike you as hard […]