Undressing Campus Conformity →  December 8, 2015

Each time I walk by someone with a red, suede-bottom JanSport backpack, I feel embarrassed. I try not to look the person in the eye. I hope no one notices. I arrived at the beginning of the year without a backpack because I didn’t know what kind of bag you lug around in college, especially at a […]

Brighten Up Rainy Days →  December 7, 2015

  Spring/ summer 2016 fashion week was ideally situated during the months where rainfall is at its worst – ideally because this gives us plenty of ideas of how to look fashionable while rushing up and down Locust walk, even on days when it feels like a non-stop hurricane has taken over campus.     […]

Gift Guide: For the Homesick →  December 7, 2015

These gifts are sure to bring your homesick friendls plenty of comfort and joy – plus, it’s an easy way to determine what to buy for whom.   Paris – Maison Michel earmuffs ($563) or Papelaria x Colette Bloc-note ($5) Nothing will make a Parisian feel more at home than warmth and the colors grey […]

Model Behavior →  December 4, 2015

The modeling industry is changing. There’s no way to deny it. With the rise of social media, and the development of platforms like Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter, social relevance has begun to play a much larger role in the careers of young models. If we take a look at some of the most popularly models […]

Gift Guide: For the Woman Who Works →  December 3, 2015

In part two of this holiday gift guide, we recommend some items for the HBIC (Head Bitch in Charge) in your life. After all, you’ll want to give her the perfect gift now, so she can give you a job later. Ban.do Back Me Up mobile charger ($30) For the girl on the go, a […]

Black Made, White Marketed →  December 3, 2015

We’ve been hearing about cultural appropriation a lot. From some of the looks at the 2015 Met Ball (theme—“China: Through the Looking Glass”) to the kimonos and bindis being sold as “trends” for clothing companies, it seems as though there is much to be fixed about the way we market items of cultural significance. One […]

Gift Guide: For the Homebody →  December 2, 2015

With Thanksgiving behind us, it’s now time to properly start celebrating the holidays! Have a friend who is a true homebody, always the hostess with the mostest, and the gorgeous Instagram pics of her apartment to match? Check out these holiday gift ideas. Rifle Paper Co Alice in Wonderland Wall Calendar ($26) Rifle Paper Co […]

Q&A with Miu Miu’s Director of Retail Merchandising →  December 1, 2015

Serge Carreira is the Director of Retail Merchandising at Miu Miu in Paris, and has also worked for Prada; he shares with us his insights into the fashion industry. What was your path to Director of Retail Merchandising at Miu Miu? I have a pretty standard academic journey as I studied law and then studied […]

The Recession Beard →  December 1, 2015

We’ve all heard of the man bun: an alternative ‘do adopted by hipsters that simultaneously gives off vibes of grunge, manliness and sensitivity. Also known as the “bro bun,” “dude bun,” and the short but sweet, “mun,” this iconic knot has defined a generation of men. In 2013, both British boy bands and edgy American celebrities […]

Store Review: Lush Cosmetics →  November 30, 2015

On a trip downtown with some of my friends, they kept raving about how we had to go to get face masks. “You’ll love the face masks at Lush,” they said, and so I figured I’d give it a try. The store itself was very organized and relaxing. When you first walk in you can smell […]