Eating Yourself Healthy: Coconut Oil →  March 24, 2015

After the long winter, your body is more than ready for some tropical vibes. Your metabolism may be sluggish and skin super dry.  Coconut Oil is your one stop tropical remedy for all of your problems. The super food oil has recently become more popular for its benefits for weight maintenance and as a healthy […]

Penn Art Club’s “Vitality” Student Art Show →  March 24, 2015

The WALK:  Tell us a little about yourselves! Olivia Rabe: I have been making art since I was a kid. Most of my family is artistically talented. I am a Fine Arts major (though most of Art Club is not!). I work in a lot of different media such as sculpture, photography, and printmaking. Tiffany […]

Behind the Brand: Benefit Cosmetics →  March 23, 2015

It all started with a coin toss. In 1976, Jean and Jane Ford, twin sisters from Indiana, flipped the coin that would change their lives. When it landed on tails, all dreams of owning a casserole café were hashed in favor of opening a small beauty boutique. The idea was simple: to produce easy-to-use, low-hassle […]

Hats Off: The Fascinator →  March 20, 2015

Springtime is finally here, and for me, that means one of my boldest fashion statements of the year: my annual Easter Sunday fascinator. As Kate Middleton’s presence in the tabloids increased, so did my love for the characteristically British headpiece. With such possibility for variation, and such wonderful components – feathers, and flowers, and ribbons, […]

Barbara Kasten at the ICA →  March 20, 2015

As you walk through the ICA’s lower gallery, the evolution of shifting approaches and mediums created by conceptual artist Barbara Kasten’s work becomes visible. Her work is arranged in roughly chronological order over the past four decades, making imminent the meaning of the title “Stages.” It is a title with a trifold meaning: the stages of her […]

“How-To” Luxury: A Talk with Fendi CEO Pietro Beccari →  March 19, 2015

“What happens when you go and take over a brand you barely know?” Thanks to Pietro Beccari, the answer is Fendi. Here’s what you missed when the Wharton Retail Club hosted the famous CEO on March 2nd right here in Hunstman Hall:  Pietro Beccari is certainly no longer “just the shampoo guy” with a marketing […]

Giving Good: Allyson Ahlstrom (W’17) Founder of Threads for Teens →  March 19, 2015

“Threads for Teens is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that gives under-privileged teen girls the opportunity to receive free, brand-new, quality clothing. Besides filling a tangible need, Threads for Teens gives young girls hope, boosts their self-esteem, and instills confidence.” – Threads for Teens’ Founder/CEO is our very own Penn undergrad Allyson Ahlstrom (W’17). With […]

Fashion Meets Comfort: why women should shop in the men’s department →  March 18, 2015

Girls hate hearing those dreaded four words. The words that strip them of all excitement about their new purchase:  “I have that shirt!” Nothing’s more frustrating than buying a great new top at Urban, only to see every human wearing it on Locust. Be unique. Make head’s turn. The secret? The men’s department. A great […]

Lucy Hovanisyan (C’16): ‘Just Winging It’ →  March 17, 2015

Name: Lucy Hovanisyan, C’16 Major: Biology, Minor in Music Hometown: Brooklyn, New York (born in Yerevan, Armenia) With Penn freshmen and sophomores settling into their new sororities after this spring rush season, sometimes we forget that ‘going Greek’ doesn’t have to determine our social lives. As an unaffiliated but outgoing junior, what is your perspective on rush […]

The Biological Basis of Beauty: Baby Got Back →  March 16, 2015

‘36”-24”-36”, but only if she’s 5’3”.’  Sound familiar?  It’s a lyric from Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back.”  Surprisingly, there is some scientific truth to that being a sought-after proportion.  A woman with those measurements would have a .67 bust-waist-hip ratio, which is close to the ideal .7. Studies show that men find women with that […]