Beauty Crush: Lana Del Rey →  June 2, 2014

The little details are what allow Lana Del Rey to pull off a unique, retro look without seeming like she’s playing dress up. Her famous pout is usually painted with a nude lipstick, which allows her strong cat eye to stand out. However, she often uses a dark, gothic red lipstick, which brings all eyes […]

A Clean Slate:  The All White Trend →  May 30, 2014

These days, people wonder what the best colors for spring and summer are. Our thoughts? Wearing all white or just any portion of white! You can’t go wrong with an all-white dress or a white top-skirt combo. If you want to be the ultimate fashionista, have a white suit ready in your closet for the upcoming […]

Keaton Row Wants You to Become a Stylist →  May 22, 2014

Recently, Kai Fulkenberg of Forbes waxed poetry about Keaton Row, a start-up for corporate girls to shop online. By pairing personal stylists with their clients – primarily professional women, the site has been progressively changing the online shopping industry. First off, anyone can become a stylist.  The position is certainly appealing, particularly to college students. […]

Fashion of OCR Demonstrating Penn’s Competitive Nature →  May 21, 2014

Every year, a new group of juniors undergo the stressful and competitive process that is OCR. This year, we asked Jordan Hillier C’15 to reflect on her first OCR experience, from a sartorial point-of-view. Even as a junior, I am relatively new and relatively uncomfortable with the whole “OCR” concept. Every year, it seems to […]

Five BIG Trends for Summer 2014 →  May 19, 2014

This summer, the weather forecasted to reach record highs, particularly in New York. Whether you’re trekking across Manhattan for your internship or relaxing on the west coast, we have no doubt that you will look stylish as you enjoy your summer. We’ve taken note of five trends that are worth investing in for these warm […]

Socially Conscious Cosmetics →  May 16, 2014

As much as I wish I were a minimalist when it comes to my beauty regimen, I am regrettably far from it. Visitors to my apartment regularly comment on the sheer number of products that inhabit my bathroom counter. It’s true – the door of Sephora has always been the point of no return for […]

Behind the Camera: Katie Wu C’17 →  May 14, 2014

We’ll be sharing conversations with The WALK and Seen on the Walk‘s photographers for this new series: Behind the Camera. We’ve chatted with stylists and artists who work diligently to produce the biannual print issue of The WALK. New to the team this year is Katie Wu, who hails from Shanghai. She lends her passions for both design […]

The Fashion Essentials: Pleated Skirts →  May 12, 2014

Pleated skirts can be dangerous. No one wants to fall into the trap of looking like they’re wearing a high school uniform, but if you do it right, pleated skirts are perfect for those hot summer days. These skirts come in so many different styles, you’re bound to find one that suits you! 1. Plaid: […]

The Fashion Essentials: Denim Vests →  May 9, 2014

We were all excited when denim jackets made a comeback, but like all trends, fashion changes and evolves. This season is not about the classic jean jacket – trade it in for a denim vest. It may seem daunting at first. Not everyone thinks they can pull of a denim vest, but this trend is versatile […]

Eating Healthfully at Penn: Starbucks →  May 8, 2014

Everyone loves to have a coffee pick me up. Whether you like it black, with cream and sugar, or as a frappacino, most Penn students need coffee to get through their day. With multiple locations throughout campus, Starbucks is an extremely popular place for students to grab a quick coffee on the go. When at […]